Interview with my brother. Part 1: Pro Sports

Hi. Today I will be doing an interview with my little brother, who’s name is Luke, about his favorite sports and sports teams.

Joshua: What is your favorite NFL team?

Luke: Redskins.

Joshua: Why do you like them?

Luke: Because, I don’t know.

Joshua: Who is your favorite player?

Luke: Kirk Cousins

Joshua: Why did you pick Kirk Cousins?

Luke: Because, eeh, I don’t know.

Joshua: OKKK, anyways let’s move on to baseball. What’s your favorite MLB team?

Luke: Baltimore Orioles.

Joshua: Why do you like them?

Luke: Because, I like their mascot.

Joshua: Why do you like their mascot?

Luke: Because it’s cute.

Joshua: Who’s your favorite player?

Luke: Hyun Soo Kim

Joshua: Why is he your favorite player?

Luke: Beeee, I don’t know.

Joshua: On to basketball! What is your favorite NBA team?

Luke: Uhhhh, the Denver Nuggets.

Joshua: Why do you like them?

Luke: Because, nuggets reminds me of chicken nuggets.

Joshua: Interesting. Don’t you like gold nuggets too?

Luke: Uhh, yes, but I like chicken nuggets better because I’ve never had a gold nugget.

Joshua: Who’s your favorite player on the Nuggets?

Luke: Uhh, I don’t know any.

Joshua: Now hockey. What is your favorite NHL team?

Luke: The Philadelphia Flyers.

Joshua: Why are they your favorite team?

Luke: Because I like their logo.

Joshua: Who’s your favorite player on the Flyers?

Luke: I don’t know any.

Joshua: Thanks for doing this interview.


Joshua: Fine. What’s your favorite MLS team?

Luke. What is that?

Joshua: Major League Soccer.

Luke: Ah, maybe fake Barcelona.

Joshua: What?????? Barcelona isn’t MLS and why are they fake?

Luke: Because they are not real. They are not real Barcelona. Oh, I mean fake Madrid.

Joshua: Number 1, Real Madrid isn’t MLS either, and it’s pronounced Real, not Reul.

Luke: Whatever.

Joshua: So what’s your favorite MLS team?

Luke: MLS team? Fake Madrid. Which has me on it.

Joshua: REAL MADRID IS NOT MLS. And it does not have you on it. Real Madrid is in La Liga.

Luke: What’s the difference between La Liga and MLS?

Joshua: MLS is USA and La Liga is Spain.

Luke: OHHHHHH. OK. What MLS teams are there? I don’t know any. I don’t pay attention to soccer.

Joshua: I guess that means you don’t have one. Bye everybody!

Luke: NOOOOOOOOOOO. You need to tell me what they are. Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! I guess I will go look them up.

Luke leaves to check MLS teams.

Luke: I like Fire.

Joshua: They are the Chicago Fire.

Luke: Ahhh. The Yankees are ahead.

Joshua: What???? I guess that means it’s time to end the interview. Bye for the 3rd time.
That’s all the sports for now.

Joshua 🏈⚾️🏀🏒⚽️⚾️

Pictures from my Nats game

Hi. Here are some pictures from the Nats, O’s game I went to. Although the Nats lost, I had fun!

Sorry, my finger got in the way of some. But the second picture from the bottom is a ball thrown to me from Tanner Roark, one of the Nationals starting pitchers. He was actually throwing it to my little brother… but I didnt know that and he threw my brother another. We were about 20 ft away from some of the players. It was very fun and I hope to go to another Nats game soon. That’s all the Nats for now.


Hi! That Nats haven’t stopped their winning record and are 21-10 although they lost to the Phillies in extra innings today, 6-5. Ryan Zimmerman won N.L player of the month and has hit 13 home runs and is batting over .433. He didn’t play however today until the 10th inning and he didn’t bat. The Nats have the second best record in baseball right now behind the Yanks but they play tonight against the Cubs, so the Nats might be first after tonight. Also I am going to a Nats game tomorrow against the Orioles. That’s all the sports for now.

P.S Comment whether you think Ryan Zimmerman will win the N.L MVP this year.


Hi. The Nats have greatly improved their record. Out of right now, they have the second best record in baseball and first in the N.L. At one point they won seven in a row and then lost, and then won the next three after that. However they have lost their last two games. They are 16-8. They scored 11 RUNS in one inning on Thursday in a 16-5 win. In the NFL draft the Lions selected in the 6th round…….. Brad Kaaya who was the Miami Hurricanes quarterback last season. That’s all the sports for now.


Hello! MLB season is in full swing and the Nats are doing okay. They are 6-5. They beat the Phillies twice, the Cardinals twice. and the Marlins twice. They lost to the Phillies 3 times, the Marlins once and the Cardinals once. Daniel Murphy started off the season with a 10 game hitting streak but lost it yesterday. The Nats are playing right now against the Phillies and are tied 1-1. That’s all then sports for now.


What happened in the NCAA basketball championship 

Hi. The NCAA basketball season is over and the UNC Tar Heels have triumphed over the Gonzaga Bulldogs, 71-65. The game was even closer then the score implies. North Carolina pulled away a bit at the end. Gonzaga was winning by 3 at halftime. It is impressive North Carolina won, since Joel Berry II was the only Tar Heel to make a 3 pointer. But Gonzaga shot horribly too. Although this post is titled about the NCAA basketball championship, I will also talk about baseball. The Nats are 3-1 with the one loss to the Marlins. They also beat the Marlins twice and the Phillies once. Amazingly, through 4 games, the Nats have hit 9 home runs. Harper, Zimmerman, and Werth have 2. When Werth hits a home run its called a “werthquake”. Lind, Murphy, and Eaton have the other 3. That’s all the sports for now. 

The NCAA Basketball Championship 

Hi. Yesterday night, the final two were decided. They are… 1 Gonzaga and 1 North Carolina. Gonzaga blew a 14 point lead in the second half but held on to win by 4. North Carolina edged Oregon by 1. Who will win????????? The game is tomorrow night at 9:20 pm. Comment on who you think will win.

Final Four

Hello. The Final Four has been decided last Sunday. The teams are: 1 Gonzaga vs 7 South Carolina and 1 North Carolina vs 3 Oregon. Both games are on Saturday with the championship on Monday. Who do you think will win?

Sweet 16

Hi! Sometime last night the sweet 16 of the NCAA basketball tournament has been decided. (The numbers are the seeds.)The games are: 

1. 8 Wisconsin vs 4 Florida

2. 7 South Carolina vs 3 Baylor

3. 1 Gonzaga vs 4 West Virginia

4. 2 Arizona vs 11 Xavier

5. 1 Kansas vs 4 Purdue

6. 7 Michigan vs 3 Oregon

7. 1 North Carolina vs 4 Butler

8. 3 UCLA vs 2 Kentucky

Those games were in order going from the left side of the bracket down, then the right side. Unfortunately Miami lost by 20 in the first round to MSU although they were winning by 12. I’ll post again whenever the Final 4 is determined. 

NCAA Tournament 

Hi! The college basketball tournament came out yesterday. I did my bracket yesterday. The top seeds are:

1. Villanova, Kansas, North Carolina, and Gonzaga.

2. Kentucky, Duke, Arizona, Louisville.

3. Baylor, Oregon, UCLA, Florida State.

Those are the top 3 seeds and Miami is an 8 seed, playing Michigan State. If they win they will play Kansas. If Kansas wins, of course which is like a 99.999999999 percent chance. Please comment on who you will think will win the whole thing. Also if you want to see the other seeds you can look them up easily on the internet. Also, Liberty is in the CIT which I don’t know what that is, so if you know please tell me. That’s all the sports for now.